Who we are

Oluwadamilare Gbohunmi Zaccheus (OGZ) foundation is a non-profit organisation focused on empowering Millennials and Gen Zs through reorientation, renewed thought processes and other external factors necessary to enable them make positive change and be of economic value in their immediate communities and society at large.


Support millennials and Gen Zs in discovering and harnessing their key strengths as well as talents by aligning their thought process, and equipping them with the right tools essential to become successful entrepreneurs and individuals in the society.


To be a continuous funnel of Nigerian youth capital needed to create meaningful, impactful and positive change for themselves and their communities.

Our Core Values

   People are the most important capital
   Giving to give back
   Moving beyond the comfort zone

What We Do



Education today has become about the transfer of fact-based knowledge where we can incorporate exploration and take a more practical approach which will ultimately give a competitive edge on a global scale. So, what if we can bridge existing knowledge gaps and make available supplemental education that offers a reliable platform to secure jobs and opportunities?


The OGZ foundation aims to present individuals with platforms that will assist with the impartation of the necessary knowledge required to build specific skill sets and locate opportunities that are tailored to their personality traits, thereby supporting them in building a successful life and ultimately contributing to the socioeconomic growth of their communities.



A study carried out by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), shows that 40% of Nigerian women are entrepreneurs with the majority of them born out of necessity and not by choice. This is mainly due to the fact that most female children don’t get the same level of education as male children do. More women need to be educated so they too can engage in high-value entrepreneurship rather than necessity-driven entrepreneurship.


OGZ foundation serves as a platform that brings these obscure talents to the limelight. Working with our partners, selected entrepreneurs will undergo a series of training, forums, seminars and will be mentored by experienced, well-established individuals and institutions carefully selected in their respective fields. The mentorship is a dynamic program that is readily available to guide, inspire and help navigate through the challenges while they build their businesses.

Giving back

Giving back

Health & Wellness: In Nigeria, individuals with mental health challenges, especially the youth, are often stigmatized primarily because of ignorance. Psychiatrists say the most diagnosed mental illnesses in Nigeria are mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety disorders. Individuals diagnosed as living with some form of mental illness fail to receive appropriate treatment as a result of the poor health care system.


Our objective is not limited to creating awareness but also to utilize available resources for affected individuals. With the existing social structures, we can implement innovative efforts to demystify mental illnesses and integrate basic mental health interventions into routine community activities.


Diversity & Inclusion: Diversity and inclusion are major issues in our society. This lack of cohesion between ethnic groups, sexes, and cultures is caused by stereotyping, discrimination and the fear of change. These problems are deeply rooted in our system which makes the idea of reform almost impossible. Strategies to achieve inclusion need to be ambitious, action-oriented, collaborative and adaptable. We intend to maximize the efforts to break down ethnic barriers in education, business, employment, health, and other culture-related matters. Our aim is to promote acceptance and understanding of individual differences and cultural diversities.


Sustainability (Social): OGZ foundation will focus on specific social issues built around key United Nations sustainable development goals. Our work aims to intensify efforts in these areas which are; clean water and sanitation, women empowerment, gender equality, and partnerships with both non-profit organisations and corporate firms. We intend to be a part of the solution as we address adverse impacts that may be related to these social issues.

Our team

Damilare Zaccheus

Damilare Zaccheus


Damilare is a millennial disruptor, born and raised in Ibadan, Nigeria. He has a degree in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Business Law and Communication studies from Zicklin School of Business in NYC.
His day job is as a legal and compliance analyst at a global Investment bank in New York City. He shares the rest of time mentoring, carrying out his duties at Open Switch Africa Initiative, Afrizi and other socially impactful projects.


Anita Ashiru

Brand Strategist

Anita is a graduate of United States International University in Nairobi, Kenya. She is a journalist-turned-marketer, passionate about how storytelling and targeted messaging creates business-changing content.
As a Marketing and Brand Strategist, she is responsible for developing and implementing inbound marketing strategies that assist her clients increase brand awareness, generate leads, and acquire new customers.

Edward Israel

Edward Israel - Ayide

Marketing & Partnerships

Edward has over 10 years of experience in key marketing roles and has supported major marketing and brand building activities for some of Nigeria’s biggest brands across various business sectors. His professional career has seen him work on projects for brands such as Diageo Nigeria, 9Mobile, Pernod Ricard and First Bank PLC.

His focus areas are brand management, communications strategy, public relations, advocacy, and experiential marketing. He brings aboard a wealth of experience and industry relationships.

Tosin Abejide

Oluwatosin Abejide


Oluwatosin is a graduate of Law from Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria, where she won various awards including the “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” at the Law Students Society Award.
She is also an entrepreneur behind “House of Rheevo” and “Blings By Rheevo” two businesses in the cosmetic and jewelry industries respectively. As a micro-influencer, Tosin has worked on digital marketing for notable brands like Jumia and Royale Cosmetics.